Baby Shopping List

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Baby Shopping List

1. Baby Bedding Essentials
  • Blankets/Sheets: Mothercare, Carters
  • Swaddles: Rabitat, Masilo, Parenting done Right
  • Sleep Bag: H&M, Carters, MyBaby_MySoul
  • Baby Rye Pillow: Firstcry
  • Baby Booster Set: Fancy Fluff
  • Cor Bumper: MotherCare
  • Mosquito Net: Firstcry
  • Cot/Crib: Mothercare, Lulworth Cotbed
  • Mattress: Mothercare
  • Mattress Protection Cover: Mothercare
  • Fitted Cot Sheets: Rabitatinc, Mothercare
  • Cot Mobile: Chicco
2. Baby Feeding Essentials
  • Baby Feeding Pillow: Rabitatinc
  • Bibs: Masilo, Carters, MyBaby_MySoul (Instagram)
  • Handkerchief/Wash Cloth: Carters, Meemee, Parenting done Right India
  • Baby Bottles 4oz, 8oz: Drbrowns
  • Formula Milk: Enfamil, Aptamilbabymilkpowder
  • Bottle Brush: Drbrowns
  • Bottle Warmer: Pigeon
  • Bottle Sterilizer: Philipsavent
  • Bottle Cover: Babyhug
  • Steel Flask: Milton
  • Bottle Drying Rack: Babyhug
  • Bottle Cleaning Liquid: Pigeon, Mothersparsh
  • Extra Bottle Nipples OM+: Drbrowns
  • Pacifier/Soother: Drbrowns, Chicco
  • Breast Pump Electric: MedelaSwingPump
  • Breast Milk Storage Containers: Philipsavent
3. Baby Bathing Essentials
  • Bathing Chair: Mastela
  • Baby Body Wash: Sebamed,Chicco
  • Baby Lotion: Sebamed, Chicco
  • Baby Face Cream: Chicco,Mustela
  • Baby Shampoo: Sebamed,Chicco
  • Baby Face Sun Protection: Sebamed
  • Baby Towels Small and Large: Babyhug, Fisherprice, Carters
  • Sponge: Mothercare
  • Baby Massage Oil: Coconut Oil is the best. Organicindiaofficial
4. Baby Grooming Essentials
  • Baby Safety Earbuds: Mothercare
  • Nail Forbicine Scissors (Don’t go for nail clippers): Chicco India
  • Nasal aspirator: Pigeon
  • Hairbrush: Officialfarlinindia
5. Baby Diaper Essentials:
  • Diapers: Pampers Active Baby new-born size (up to 5 kg) – yellow colour packet
  • Nappies: Superbottoms
  • Diaper Changing Mat: Mothercare
  • Mackintosh/Plastic Sheets: Bought from a local store in Gurugram – ibaby_gurgaon
  • Quick Dry Sheets: Bought from a local store in Gurugram – ibaby_gurgaon
  • Diaper Rash Cream: Sudocreme, Desitin from a local store in Gurugram –Dezinekids_thebabyshop; Didn’t find the usual brands (Sebamed, Mothercare)
  • Baby Wipes: Mothersparsh 99% water
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Organicindiaofficial
6. Baby Clothing Essentials
  • Booties, Caps, Mitten Sets: Bought from a local store in Gurugram – ibaby_gurgaon
  • New-born Socks: Carters
  • Rompers/Onesies: H&M Kids, Mothercare, Uniqloin
  • Sleepsuits: Mothercare, Carters, Uniqloin
  • Baby Clothes hanger with clips: Amazon
  • Baby Clothes Detergent: Pigeon, Mothersparsh

For Winters:
  • Fleece Onesies/Sleepsuits/Snowsuits: H&M Kids, Carters, Mothercare
  • Thermals: H&M Kids
  • Sweaters/Pullovers/Jackets: H&M Kids
  • Blankets: Mothercare
7. Baby Travel Essentials
  • Stroller: Chicco, Cortina cx
  • Car Seat or Travel System: Chicco.india
8. Baby Miscellaneous Essentials:
  • Baby Audio Monitor: Vtechtoys
  • Rocker: Tinylove
  • Rattle/Plush Toys: Parenting done Right, Firstcry
  • Baby Play Gym: Fisherprice
9. Baby Optional Items:
  • Baby Video Monitor: Vtechtoys – Only recommended if baby is in a separate room
  • Humidifier: not recommended; a bowl full of water in your room does the same job
  • Feeding Chair: Any straight sofa or recliner in the house would do
  • Diaper Changing Table: Mothercare – only recommended if you have a back issue otherwise, your bed would do fine.

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