5 & 6 Month, Diet Charts

5 & 6 month Meal plan

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Noor’s 5th and 6th month meal plan.

A lot of you already know, I started giving solids to Noor before 6 months – that’s a choice I made based on my knowledge, Noor’s readiness, and my pediatrician’s approval. However, every child is different and so are their needs.
Here’s what I gave Noor when I initially started solids for her.

According to the charts, in the 5th month, I started by giving Individual fruits/vegetables/cereals. I moved on to combinations in the 6th month only. However, in both months, I stuck to just 1 meal a day.

The key to having a successful weaning experience is to go slow. Your baby is used to liquids (BM/FM) for the first 5 to 6 months of his/her life. Weaning is a big shocker for the baby as well. Everything is new to her. So, please don’t be in a hurry to feed your baby solids. Eventually, all babies are going to eat. Start with just 1 meal a day irrespective of when you start – at 6 months or before 6 months.

Gradually, increase the frequency of meals by adding 1 meal/snack per month. The basic idea is that by 12 months, your baby should be on a 3 Meals + 2 Snacks food routine. Also, if you see carefully at the 6 months diet chart, I have just prepared 2 foods separately and mixed them together for food combinations.

I also started giving Noor nut powder Slurrpfarm from the 6th month onwards. Nuts are considered as an allergen and research has shown that it’s best to introduce allergens to your baby before 8 months to avoid allergies later in life.

Disclaimer: This is Noor’s diet routine – it might not suit your baby. Every baby is different, and some foods might not suit your baby. Look out for allergic reactions and stop giving any food that you feel is not suiting your baby.

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